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Please Note

• Please keep in mind when ordering smoked sausage, you lose approximately 20%-30% to shrinkage.

• Adding cheese and/or jalapenos to processing will increase weight which will increase end pricing per pound.

• Please review packaging standards on reverse side. Changes upon request.

• The condition of your meat when delivered determines the total yield after being processed. We take every precaution to ensure that each order is kept separate. Get a bang for your buck and take care of your meat.

• Bloodshot meat is considered  “NOT EDIBLE” and will be disposed of immediately without notice.

• All orders MUST be picked up within 3 days after notification. Storage fees will apply unless other arrangements are made. There will be a $5/day charge added to your ticket for meat not picked up in allotted time.


Basic Fees

Debone/Cut Fee Per Animal

<100 lbs


>100 lbs


Vac Pac Per Animal (Standard)

$20.00 Per Animal

Large Animal

Up to  $60.00 Per Animal

Basic Deboning/Cut Fee Includes:

• Back strap–Tenderized, Non-T, Cut or Whole

• Ham Steaks-Tenderize, Non-T, Roast or Stew

• Hamburger & Chili Meat without Additives


$5.00 Per Animal


Meat brought in for grind


Add pork


Add beef


Smoked Sausage

Per Pound – Wet weight (20 lb. minimum)

50/50 Mix Unless Otherwise Instructed



Green Onion


Jalapeno & Cheese


Slim Jims





Jalapeno & Cheese




Wet weight (up to 60% loss)

Summer Sausage


w/ cheese


w/ jalapeno & cheese


Breakfast Sausage

Price per Pound



Jalapeno & Cheese


Packaging Standards

Unless Otherwise Requested


<30 lbs- 1 link/pkg

>30 lbs – 2 link/pkg


<30lbs – 1 lb bag

>30lbs – 2 lb bag

End weight on grounds is approximate and can vary 1/4 ~1/2 lb.

Always welcome to weigh within.

Additional charges apply if packaging changes are requested.

Processing Time Frame

Turnaround time can vary based on particular order but averages 3~10 days




Addtional charges will be applied if meat is in whole carcus,

dirty, and if deboned and not cleaned to go into grinder.